Save Money With Online Parcel Delivery Companies

Okay, so you may be a budding home business entrepreneur who has had a great idea for a product, and is now beginning to sell it in good volumes online, or perhaps you doing well at selling at online auctions.

Well in either of these scenarios you are probably doing like most of us would do, and wrapping up your parcels and taking them down to the post office to ship your goods.

Whilst it is true that your average postal service offers a wide variety of parcel delivery options, from a next day parcel courier service, through to parcel post which is ideal for shipping larger, heavier parcels which do not need next day delivery, they can actually be the most expensive carriage option.

You may think that you need a business account to get your parcels picked up from your house by a courier, however you will find that whilst this helps, if you have a credit card then most parcel couriers will come around and pick up your parcels from your home. Send Parcels to USA

However, there are now “Virtual” delivery companies that have taken this a step further and offer the ability for you to order an online parcel collection. You can even select the time that you want the parcel courier to turn up. Just note that these online parcel collection services may not always use the same parcel courier.

The one thing they do well, is they take a wide variety of payments with no need to set up a business account, and as all of these online services sub-contract out their work, you have the security that it is a “Proper” parcel courier who will collect and deliver your goods.

These services can be of benefit to the home parcel shipper, but you should also look at setting up an agreement with a proper parcel courier if you are shipping more than a few parcels a week, as in the event of a problem they will offer more security.


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